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Whale Watching

From the months of November through April, our warm tropical waters are home to the North Pacific stock of Humpback whales. Hawaii is the only state where Humpback whales mate, calve and nurse their young. Because they prefer shallow, protected waters for these activities, we are able to respectfully observe these majestic creatures as they engage in mating behavior and care for their young. In contrast to the cooperative behavior they display while feeding in Alaska, Hawaiian waters come alive with the spirit of competition as male Humpbacks put on dramatic displays in their attempt to woo a mate. Behaviors such as breaching, tail slaps, pectoral slaps and singing are common for the Humpbacks during the winter months in Hawaii and are nothing short of awe-inspiring to whale enthusiasts and boat captains alike! The Maria B offers our guests an intimate and comfortable platform from which to observe Humpback whales without crowds or assigned seats.

Your whale watch charter with C. Hawk Hawaii will afford you the proximity and unparalleled viewing that larger whale watching vessels can't. With a knowledgeable crew and the utmost respect for the sanctity of these endangered marine mammals, we guarantee a memorable whale watching experience.

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