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Dolphin Adventure


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Guided Dolphin Encounters

An encounter with a wild animal can evoke a lot of emotion. It can be both thrilling and terrifying, inspiring and transformative. After decades of interaction with humans, the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins off the Kona coast not only welcome but often seek out respectful encounters with people. Their keen intelligence and curiosity draw them close to us. How we respond to their invitation to engage is reflective of our own emotional and spiritual readiness to receive a gift from a mysterious and benevolent sender.
With Eliza as your guide, the encounter may traverse many dimensions of personal relevance. Combining her years of experience working with captive and wild dolphins with her practice as a Life Coach and Therapist, Eliza fused her passions to create Dolphin Assisted Psychotherapy in 2010. As the only practitioner of this unique experiential therapy, Eliza’s work has garnered the attention of National Geographic and a variety of publications that recognize the powerful impact animals can have on the human psyche, facilitating improved health and wellbeing.
Whether you would like to deepen your capacity to know joy in the present moment, more fully relax into the experience of entering an unfamiliar element, or expand your awareness of the aquatic environment, the guided experience will enable you to derive what you envision from your dolphin encounter.
Eliza has taken hundreds of people safely into the ocean to meet its extraordinary creatures. Her gifts of perception and intuition enable her to facilitate a meaningful and impactful encounter that may inspire joy, awe and personal growth, to be remembered for a lifetime.

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